We work hard to enter into partnerships with companies that benefit the mission of the International Credit Union Contact Center Conference.

Our conference partners share our commitment to providing superior products and services at reasonable prices. Email Rebecca Isaacs at [email protected] for more information on becoming a partner.

Strategic Partners

Communication Strategies

Established in 1987, Communication Strategies was formed with the idea of acting as a “client advocate” assisting in design, strategic planning, technology acquisition and project deployment. Our belief in client advocacy has driven our approach and success over the past 30+ years.

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CallFinder’s speech analytics software automates outdated, manual QA processes to save time and provide immediate insights so you can make data-driven decisions. Spend your valuable time coaching agents on what matters most to you and your customers.

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TeleVoice is a leading provider of cloud and software solutions focused on the delivery of conversational, effortless, and secure interactions to the financial services industry. Building on our strong 35+ year heritage and deep industry experience, we enable banks, credit unions, and mortgage servicers to improve customer and member experiences.

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injixo and The Call Center School

injixo, our cloud-based workforce management software, helps our clients to optimize their entire workforce planning process. The Call Center School offers cloud-based, industry recognized e-learning courses focused on the foundational skills for every contact center role.

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Take control with contact center software that transforms your data into strategic action.

Using AI-supported decision-making and automated workflows, our platform routes and records customer interactions across every channel creating better agent and customer experiences.

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TekChoice was founded to unlock the potential of modern technologies to enhance the digital experience between Credit Unions and their members.

We deliver the most advanced solutions to Credit Unions using the latest technologies at a reasonable price.

Learn more at www.tekchoice.com.

Invo Solutions

With more features available online, fewer customers were actually visiting branch locations. Still, moving an entire team online wasn’t possible. Invo Video Banking created a bridge for that gap. It reduced the need for employees on the lobby floor while increasing online traffic. The software replicates in-person interactions while reducing customer wait time for institutions. After five years of testing and enhancing, the platform was introduced to the market. Since that time, Invo Video Banking has been widely acclaimed.

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Co-op Solutions

Co-op Solutions partners with credit unions like yours to drive growth through integrated payments technology solutions. We help credit unions deliver member-centric and digital-first services designed to improve earnings, operational efficiencies, and the member experience. Founded by, created for, and built to serve credit unions, Co-op understands what is special about the mission of people helping people, and we are your committed partner to make every experience matter. With Co-op, you’ll become the most essential resource in your members’ financial lives—now and into the future.

To learn more, please visit www.coop.org.



For further information on any partnerships presented here, please contact Rebecca Isaacs at [email protected].