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Welcome and Networking Breakfast – 8am – Sponsored by Interface AI
Enjoy a continental breakfast, meet new people and build community.

Premiere Exhibitor Demo – 8:30am – Interface AI
AI-powered Phone Banking is helping 70+ credit unions across North America to overcome these challenges and transform their call center from a cost center to a revenue center.

General Session – 9am – Srinivas Njay, Interface AI
How Credit Unions are Leveling-Up Member & Employee Experience with Artificial Intelligence

Credit Unions differentiate themselves on member experience. Advances in data science and artificial intelligence can drive significant benefits to the member experience while elevating employee experience. By shifting from a reactive operational model to one that empowers staff to create deeper relationships with members, Credit Unions can win on both fronts.

Even though achieving this with an evolving membership, other digital transformation initiatives, and new competitive pressures can be challenging, Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes it possible.

In this session, you will learn:
How credit unions are leveraging Artificial Intelligence(AI) to improve member experience
How AI is helping CUs better their agent performance and engagement
Live credit union case studies where AI is transforming CU call centers

Stretch Break – 9:30am
Network with industry resource experts specific to your call center needs while refreshing your morning caffeine beverage.

Premiere Exhibitor Demo – 9:45 am

Together we will look at how Genesys Cloud WEM can help you get the most out of the features in front of you. Employees love to be their best; see how this all-in-one product can put these metrics at their fingertips. Demo presented by John Watkinson, Avtex’s Principal of Sales Engineering.

General Session – 10am – Mike Bawn, Avtex
Humanizing the Digital Experience

Presented by Mike Bawn, Avtex’s Executive Director of Digital Transformation 
According to the new IDC Spending Guide, the worldwide digital transformation investments forecast will reach $1.8 Trillion in 2022, yet McKinsey warns that 70% of all digital transformations fail. How can that be? A significant portion of those investments will be directed at cost-saving initiatives like automated self-service and BOTs. One reason those approaches often fail to garner member favor is a lack of the “human touch” we all desire. In this session, participants will explore designing human-centric digital experiences.

Stretch Break – 10:30am

Premiere Exhibitor Demo – 10:45am
Presented by Amy Travers, Regional Vice President of NA Security and Biometric Specialist with Nuance Communications & Bryan Watkinson, AVP of Risk Operations with Affinity Federal Credit Union. 

General Session – 11am – Nic Silva, Nuance
Can Fraud Prevention & Member Experience Co-Exist?
A little friction is a good thing for fraud prevention. But if there’s too much, member experience can take a hit while increasing Average Handle Time. There should be a better way, and there is. Join Nuance and special guest Bryan Watkinson, CFE, to learn how Affinity Credit Union is using biometrics to strike that balance.

Exhibitor Prizes & Grand Prize Drawing – 11:30pm

Noon – Conference ends. If you’re attending the Small Call Center Workshop, registration begins at noon.

See you next year!

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