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Networking Breakfast – 8am – Sponsored by Glia
Enjoy a continental breakfast, meet new people and build community.

Welcome – 8:30am

Glia Demo – 8:35am – Matt Metzger
Digital Member Service for Credit Unions
Glia provides Digital Member Service technology that is reinventing how credit unions support members online. Glia’s solution enriches customer touchpoints on the web, mobile, or phone calls with communication choices (from messaging to video chat), on-screen collaboration, and AI-enabled personalized experiences. Over 150 Credit Unions use Glia today to quickly maximize member satisfaction, decrease handle times, and improve conversions.

In this demo, session attendees will learn how Glia’s Digital Member Service platform can improve member acquisition efforts and enhance the member experience. Learn how to exceed the expectations of your members by breaking down the walls of traditional member support by combining all communications means into one unified, digital member service experience that starts wherever the member is and is always on-screen.

Opening Keynote – 9am – Dennis McIntee

Managing the Story
Have you ever considered the power of the stories you tell yourself? As humans, we subconsciously connect experiences and seek meaning in everything we encounter. Those encounters form stories and are often rooted entirely in experiences from our past (both good and bad). The problem with these stories is that they have the power to become triggers for negative emotion and drama. If we can learn to control the story we form in our minds without knowing facts, we have the power to control our feelings.

As an organization, you have three key audiences for your story. First, you have the internal story your employees are telling themselves. Then, you have a board or governing body telling themselves a story. Finally, you have an outward story you are sharing with your audience–constituents, association members, or customers–that you want them to hear and understand.


  • In this keynote, we will help you master the story you are telling yourself,
  • Discover how to position that story to your internal and external audiences
  • Learn how to protect your confidence as a leader so you keep those stories held in the best positive light.

If you can manage the story, you can manage the outcome.

Networking Break with Exhibitors – 10am
Network with industry resource experts specific to your call center needs while refreshing your morning caffeine beverage.

General Session  – 10:30am – Rick DeLisi, Glia
Transforming Member Experience For An On-Screen World
The vast majority of us now live our lives online, and on our screens. We’ve transformed. So why is so much of Member Service still happening by dialing the 10 digits of a phone number? It makes no sense! Noted author Rick DeLisi (“The Effortless Experience” and “Digital Customer Service”) will share observations about the evolution of member psychology and digital expectations that make the transformation of Service inevitable–as well as practical advice for companies that need to accelerate their progress.

Stretch Break – 11am

General Session – 11:15am – Charlie Goll & Mark Gambale, LinkLive
Can Artificial Intelligence Help Bridge the Staffing Shortage Gap? 
Credit union employees are now serving more members than ever before, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And it’s no secret that today’s consumers have a strong preference for utilizing digital channels whenever possible in seeking help from their credit union.

Though most credit unions adopted new technology over the last two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they now face a new challenge: staffing shortages. As members utilize digital tools rather than direct branch support, call volume increases, as well as the workload of limited staff. Credit unions can meet and exceed member expectations by offering self-service channels with a few changes to workflows and processes.

In this session, we’ll walk step-by-step through the journey of transitioning to a member-focused digital customer service platform with AI technology. Attendees will learn more about how AI can increase efficiency while providing enhanced member service, even despite the current staffing challenges.

Premiere Sponsor Demo – 11:45am – LinkLive

Networking Lunch – Noon – Sponsored by LinkLive
Ignite conversation with new found friends. Compare notes from the first three sessions.

General Session – 1pm – Martin Castro, Vonage
Re-imagining the Member Experience: How Technology Helps You Meet Challenges 

Communications have always been at the heart of business success, but they have fundamentally changed, and as they have changed, the significance of their impact has only increased. This is led by technology, transforming by connecting everyone across multiple channels, enabling us all to do new things in new ways. Making once complex tasks simple and seamless, and shifting from transactional moments to building relationships through profoundly human experiences. This session will discuss these technology transformations and relate them to the Financial Services industry.

Premiere Sponsor Demo – 1:30pm – Vonage

Stretch Break – 1:45pm

General Session – 2pm – injixo
From Branch to Contact Center Staffing Essentials
Staffing a contact center to ensure a satisfying member experience means managing by the numbers. The most important number is the right number of staff available at the right time. Learn the essentials of calculating staff requirements techniques to meet service goals, as well as how to create optimal schedules that make sense for your team. This session will describe the Five Key Steps involved in contact center staffing to ensure happy members and happy employees.

Networking Break – 2:30pm
Grab a beverage and snack while visiting with our exhibitors.

Breakout Sessions – 3pm – Avtex, Nuance, & PSCU

  • How Can Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) Work for You?
    Presented by John Watkinson, Avtex’s Principal of Sales Engineering
    This 30-minute session will discuss how WEM can optimize your contact center and agent experience. We will hit some high points on Workforce Management, Quality, and Gamification.
  • How to Successfully Blend the Member Experience with Strong Authentication & Fraud Prevention
    Presented by Amy Travers, Regional Vice President of NA Security and Biometric Specialist with Nuance Communications
    In the conversation with Affinity Federal Credit Union, Bryan Watkinson shared how he’s successfully introduced strong authentication and fraud prevention without impacting the member experience. In this session we’ll discuss specific challenges, industry best practices, and credit unions successfully marrying the three.
  • Realize Your Potential: CU Contact Center Breakthroughs in Leveraging Data and Analytics
    Presented by Justin Browning, Managing Vice President of Contact Center Operations at PSCU
    Undoubtedly, your contact center has tons of data. Too often, the potential that data offers through analytics and its many applications is not fully achieved. With breakthrough technology, the right resources and processes, you can do more to drive value for your credit union and its members. Join the discussion to explore the possibilities with speech analytics, agent assist, customer journeys, channel optimization, and more!

Transition Break – 3:30pm

Round Table Discussions – 3:45pm
It’s here! Time to share best practices happening in your call center with your peers.  Our roundtables topics will be pulled from the community conversations.

Topgolf Las Vegas – 5:30pm
Birdie Bar & Lounge (4627 Koval Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89109)
This networking event includes a barbeque dinner, fun drinks, and golf games for all skill levels.

Discover more of Las Vegas on your own – 7:30pm

See you tomorrow!

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